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Final Fantasy VII News: PS4 Re-Release; Hints of Full Remake? | 30/January/2015

Final Fantasy VII is due to be released as a digital download for PS4 in Spring 2015. The game will assumedly feature trophy support based off the achievements in the more recent PC re-release.

So are we ever going to get a full-blown HD remake of FFVII? Square Enix dropped a possible hint when naming their cloud gaming service in September 2014. The service is called 'Shinra Technologies Inc.' in a clear reference to the fictional evil corporation in FFVII. It would be interesting to know whether Square Enix is planning a remake which in some way may feature cloud gaming technology, but for now, that's all just speculation.

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Final Fantasy VII is the story of how Cloud Strife, a mercenary in the slums, becomes aware of threats to the planet's future and confronts those threats, meeting a number of colourful friends and foes along the way. The game features an intricate, highly customizable battle system; cross-dressing; swords, magic and dragons alongside submarines and space rockets; as well as an anti-hero in the form of Cloud who is always up for some fun even if he's not too sure what's going on, and an anti-villain who you can almost sympathize with at times despite being hell-bent on destroying the planet.

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  • A complete and thorough Enemy Skill list.

  • An advanced materia guide. I believe the expert player may find this a particularly useful guide on this aspect of FFVII's gameplay.

  • The codes for the safe in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim and the Huge Materia in the rocket.

  • A few hand-picked Youtube videos.

  • At some stage in the future I hope to provide character information with some pictures.

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