Final Fantasy VII


UPDATE 16/December/2014: Finished adding locations and prices to command materia list.

UPDATE 12/December/2014: Finished adding locations and prices to magic materia list.

UPDATE 3/August/2014: Finished adding locations and prices to equippable accessory list.

Welcome to, a Final Fantasy VII Fan Site. This web site is devoted to what many, including myself, consider to be the greatest RPG, the greatest video game of all time: Final Fantasy VII, developed by (now Square Enix).

Final Fantasy VII is the story of how Cloud Strife, a mercenary in the slums, becomes aware of threats to the planet's future and confronts those threats, meeting a number of colourful friends and foes along the way. The game features an intricate, highly customizable battle system; cross-dressing; swords, magic and dragons alongside submarines and space rockets; as well as an anti-hero in the form of Cloud who is always up for some fun even if he's not too sure what's going on, and an anti-villain who you can almost sympathize with at times despite being hell-bent on destroying the planet.

My aim for this site is to eventually become the unofficial authority on the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII. If you have further interest in the excellent story, I recommend playing through the game; but if you want to know how to get the most powerful equipment, materia and take full advantage of the battle system, this is the place for you. I don't provide a full walkthrough of the game but rather some in-depth guides on specific sections concerned more with maximizing your battle abilities and getting the most out of Final Fantasy VII's gameplay. I do have a few other odds and ends thrown in too though, to mix things up a little.

This site currently features:

  • A 'Beginner's Guide' available to FFVII rookies or anyone struggling to get into the game.

  • A chocobo mating guide.

  • Lists of equippable weapons, armor and accessories.

  • Lists of every materia in the game.

  • An ultimate weapon list for every playable character.

  • A level 4 limit break list for every playable character.

  • Details on the W-Item 'cheat'.

  • Steal and Morph lists featuring some of the more significant items to steal and morph.

  • An advanced materia guide. I believe the expert player may find this a particularly useful guide on this aspect of FFVII's gameplay.

  • A few hand-picked Youtube videos.

  • A shopping page featuring t-shirts, action figures, cosplay gear and more.

  • I've started working on adding locations and prices for equippable items and materia. It'll take a while, though.

  • At some stage in the future I hope to provide character information with some pictures.

Want to request a new section for the web site? Want to send me Final Fantasy VII fan art or fan fiction? I can publish you! Any comments, queries or original work you'd like featured (with due credits given), just drop me an email

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