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Final Fantasy VII News: PS4 Remake Officially Announced, Graphics Demonstrated.

Square Enix has officially announced the Final Fantasy VII remake at Sony's 2015 E3 press conference. The game is due to release on PS4, but there is no indication yet of a release date. It's also still unclear what other platforms may see the remake released, but in any case, it'll be on Playstation 4 first.

There follows the teaser video.

Final Fantasy VII News: PS4 Remake Almost Official!

Reports are coming in that Square Enix is set to finally unveil the much rumoured and anticipated FFVII remake at E3 this week. The game is apparently coming to PS4. No word yet on whether the Xbox One will also see a release.

Given that the original game is still only available officially on Playstation consoles, maybe Square Enix will stick with the PS4. It should also be noted that Sony is a large shareholder in Square Enix, although that hasn't stopped recent Dragon Quest games releasing exclusively on Nintendo portable consoles or Final Fantasy XV coming to Xbox.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the supposed re-release of the original game (not the remake) on PS4 as a digital download still hasn't occurred. Maybe Square Enix is going straight for the throat instead?

More on this story as it breaks at E3.

Final Fantasy VII News: PS4 Re-Release; Hints of Full Remake?

Final Fantasy VII is due to be released as a digital download for PS4 in Spring 2015. The game will assumedly feature trophy support based off the achievements in the more recent PC re-release.

So are we ever going to get a full-blown HD remake of FFVII? Square Enix dropped a possible hint when naming its cloud gaming service in September 2014. The service is called 'Shinra Technologies Inc.' in a clear reference to the fictional evil corporation in FFVII. It would be interesting to know whether Square Enix is planning a remake which in some way may feature cloud gaming technology, but for now, that's all just speculation.

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